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Direct Enquiries - Help

Overview of the home page

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Direct Enquiries' Home Page contains the Register's main search facility. It is also the gateway to all the other features contained within the site.

NB: You can return to the home page at any point during your visit to Direct Enquiries, by clicking on the ‘Home page’ link situated beneath the Direct Enquiries logo in the top left hand corner of the page.

Located on the top right of the page are links to a page containing access options and this help page. You can change the size of the text throughout the site by clicking on the "A+" (to increase) and "A-" (to decrease) buttons, located below the partner logos. Clicking on the "A" button returns you to the standard scheme. Next to those are four buttons, in different colours, allowing you to change the colour scheme of the site.

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Three other pages can be accessed from this part of the page, a brief description of each is outlined below:

More Access Options: This page allows you to change the way in which the website is presented. This includes changing the background and text colours throughout the website and also explains how to increase or decrease the size of the text on each of the pages. It also provides information about the access keys used throughout the website.

Disabled Access: This page gives you information on the symbols displayed throughout the site.

Help: This is the page you are currently reading and provides a user guide for searching Direct Enquiries, as well as other help resources.

Navigation Menus

On the right hand side of the website is a series of links used to navigate round Direct Enquiries. These are broken down into three main sections:

Competitions and Games

This section gives you access to the latest competitions and games run by Direct Enquiries and its partners.

Help for Businesses

This section details the services on offer to businesses.

Image of Help for Businesses Section

  • Join Direct Enquiries: Register your business on the Nationwide Access Register.

  • Business Case: Compelling reasons to register your business on Direct Enquiries.

  • UK Coverage: A map and list of all the organisations and their locations listed on the Nationwide Access Register.

  • Free Business Solutions: This page provides details of the self assessment tool and search facility available to all businesses.

    - Access Assessment: clicking on this link opens a new page where business owners can complete an online assessment of their businesses, highlighting their levels of access and any areas that might need improvement.

    - Enhance your own Web Site: clicking on this link opens a new page where website owners can download a free version of the Direct Enquiries search for use on their own site. There are four different versions of the search available within the page, allowing businesses to choose from a range of styles.

  • - Customer Sign In: The customer area is an area specifically for registered companies to view and update their registration details; particularly when their access and facility details change.


This section provides navigation for registered members of Direct Enquiries.

Image of Registered Member Links Section

  • Free Member Registration: Register with Direct Enquiries for an enhanced service.

  • Member Sign In: This form enables registered members to sign in to use the enhanced services.

  • Give companies your view: Members have the opportunity to feedback to companies listed on Direct Enquiries about the accessibility at individual locations.

The following additional links are also available in the 'Members' section but only when you are logged in as a member of the website:

Image of Registered Member Additional Links

  • Your Favourites: This page shows the locations you have saved in your list of favourites.

  • Amend member registration: This page allows registered members to modify their registration details.

  • Unregister: This page provides a facility for registered members to remove their registration from Direct Enquiries.

  • Sign out: Clicking this link will sign you out of Direct Enquiries.

Image of Bottom Links

  • About Us: these pages describe how the company was formed and provides information about key personnel in the organisation.

  • Our Partners: this page provides a brief description of the organisations partnered with Direct Enquiries and links to their websites.

  • What companies say: This is a list of quotes from Direct Enquiries customers.

  • Contact us: This page details how you can make contact with members of the Direct Enquiries team.

  • Useful Organisations: This page lists organisations that you might find useful.

  • Press Information: This page links through to all the press announcements and notable coverage from Direct Enquiries.

Overview of Search Area

Image of Search Area

Down the left hand area of the home page is the search area, represented by a series of textboxes and symbols.

Different search types:

  • Find me a: This search box enables users to search for a generic type of business such as a hotel or a bank.

  • Or a Business named: This option enables users to search for a business by name and then location.

  • In Where: Simply add a town name or post code to the box and you will be presented with a list of accessible goods and service providers.

Access and facilities symbols: This area consists of a series of symbols which can be selected in order to prioritise your search results. NB: For a description of what each symbol means, hover the mouse cursor over it, at which point the description will appear on the screen.

Key Searches

Direct Enquiries has developed a series of key searches to make the website even more user friendly. Click on the search of your choice and enter a location.