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Feedback To Companies

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Send your feedback directly to the companies registered:

You can help companies improve their facilities and services by giving them your views and experiences relating to the facilities and services they provide.

If you visit one of the many businesses registered on Direct Enquiries and feel that the disabled access provided could be improved, or that the facilities and/or services were good then you can communicate this directly with the decision makers of that business.

Any business displaying the ‘Feedback to Head Office’ link on Direct Enquiries has signed up for the service and wishes to receive your views and opinions about their location and the facilities they provide.

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To send your feedback to a business, simply click the ‘Feedback to Head Office’ link whereby you will be taken to a simple form for you to complete and send - you may also choose to stay anonymous when doing this. Alternatively, should you wish to receive a response from the company then you can provide an email address for the business to respond to.

You may also give a simple rating of 1 to 5 to the business based on six main criteria:

  • Finding the location
  • Approach to the location
  • Access into the location
  • Ability to use the service(s):
  • Customer Service
  • Accuracy of registration

1 = very poor, 2 = poor, 3 = average, 4 = good, 5 = excellent

This will allow the business to have a bench mark for which to try and improve

NB: You must register as a member if you wish to send feedback and receive responses from businesses. This is completely FREE to do and any information you sign up with is treated with complete confidentiality. We do not share your details with anybody. We ask you as a member, to register so that you can manage and record your feedback on the Direct Enquiries website with the use of a unique member Sign In. Also, by registering you can request the assistance of the staff at Direct Enquiries in following up any feedback for which you have not received a response.

This service has been implemented to help businesses better understand how they can improve their individual locations and indeed their business overall. In some cases where a facility or service is not provided this does not mean that the company does not care or does not wish to make the necessary changes:

  • It may be that they have a roll out plan and the facility will be installed in the near future.

  • It may be that they are unable to implement a particular facility due to a building restriction and/or a problem with acquiring planning permission.

  • On the other hand, perhaps they had simply not thought of something simple that would assist people in using their services.

By providing constructive feedback on how facilities can be improved directly to businesses, we believe much more can, and will be achieved.

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