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Privacy Policy

  1. We are committed to protecting our registered users and other visitors to this website's privacy.

  2. We will only use the information we collect lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

  3. We collect information provided by users for the purposes of providing information about the companies, firms and organisations who have chosen to register on this website.

  4. We will not e-mail users unless consent to do so has been given by the user in the User Registration Form.

  5. We will not pass users' e-mail addresses or other information to any third party unless the user has consented for us to do so.

  6. The type of information collected is as set out on the User Registration Form.

  7. We will never collect sensitive information about users without their explicit consent.

  8. Users may change the information we hold about them at any time. Users can check the information we hold by accessing their user registration details. All such information will be automatically updated on a user changing the details and submitting those changes to us.

  9. We have taken appropriate measures to prevent unauthorised access to users' personal information so as to protect that information.

  10. We store details of users' visits to the website including which pages users have used before the page visited on the website and the access time. We may use these details to calculate how long people have spent on the website and which parts are most popular. We may pass the statistical data to the businesses who are registered on the website, advertisers or academic partners. Users will not be identifiable from that information.

  11. We may from time to time perform statistical analysis on geographic, demographic or other make up of the registered user database. User information will be included in that analysis, the results of which may be shared with other businesses, advertisers or academic partners. No user's personal details will be included in such analysis.

  12. We may use technology to track the patterns of behaviour of visitors to the site. These can include "cookies" which are small files that are stored on the visitor's computer which help us to identify those visitors and can make a user's visit to our website easier. Information stored in a cookie file will include any password used by users registered to use the website and record which pages on the website have been visited and for how long. We may also use this data for statistical purposes. Visitors can normally set the browser preferences on their computer to prevent this from happening.

  13. We will not transfer personal information held about users outside the European Economic Area without first notifying users and obtaining their consent.

  14. If a user wishes to cancel their registration they must advise us by e-mail or in writing. The contact details are set out in the contact page of this site. On cancellation of the user's registration we will maintain the data we hold about the user's cancelled registration for a reasonable period for administrative purposes after which it will be deleted.